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Stay on top of the latest sealing news with these informational, industry-focused articles.

Emissions Regulations and Control


An article written by Jim Drago for Chemical Engineering's October Issue regarding emissions control and compliance.

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How to Interpret Published Sealing Data


Jim Drago writes about how to interpret sealing data in order to help provide confidence in the process of selecting application-appropriate materials.

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Getting the Most Out of PTFE Diaphragms: Part 2 of 2


Part 2 of 2 written by Sarah Young and Michael Brooks for Modern Pumping Today. This article takes a closer look of two grades of PTFE used in the manufacture of diaphragms—conventional (homopolymer) and modified (copolymer)—as well as a comparison of the performance of sample PTFE sheets produced by skiving, expanding, and calendaring, the three primary methods PTFE production...

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Getting the Most Out of PTFE Diaphragms


An article written (1 of 2) for Modern Pumping Today talking about the best diaphrams for your applications. Written by Sarah Young and Michael Brooks.

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How do I choose a gasket for an FDA application?


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Gaskets Designed to Take the Heat


Matt Tones and Wayne Evans write an article discussing the importance of choosing the right metallic gasket for your high-temperature application.

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Bearing Isolator Seals - an ideal way to reduce TLC and MTTR costs


Russ Pimblett, Product/Applications Engineering Leader at Garlock GB discusses the primary use of a Bearing Isolator seal for extention and to prolong the life of rotating equipment and reduce total life cycle cost. Please see page 37.

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How Pumping Systems Design Affects Sealing Performance


An article written by Chris Boss for Flow Control's January publication talking about the different types of pumps and what to look for to determine efficiency optimization, safety and longevity of the sealing system.

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Replacing Gaskets in a Flanged Piping System


Russ Pimblett, Product/Applications Engineering Leader at Garlock GB discusses; The gaskets that keep flanged piping connections from leaking are relatively low-cost, but high-consequence components. As such, they often do not receive the attention they warrant, such as proper removal and replacement...

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Rotary Seal Solutions Offer Abrasive Options


An article written by Senior Engineer Russ Pimblett from the UK describes how rotary seals offer options for abrasive applications in addition to mechanical seals as well as compression packing. Please visit page 34.

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EPA Enforcement: 'Next-Generation Compliance'


An article written by Jim Drago on the EPA compliance issues that are being discussed in 2014 as posted on's February 11th issue.

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Preventing Failure of Elastomeric Expansion Joints in FGD Systems


An article written by Sherwin Damdar and Steve Cramb on the prevention of failure on expansion joints in flue gas desulfurization systems.

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Initial gasket compression is key to safe, reliable flange joints


An article written by Jim Drago for Sealing Technology Magazine on preventing gasket blow outs in flange connections for the May issue.

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Sealing the Deal: Qualifying Sealing Materials for Potable Water Systems


An Article written by Mike McNally on the proper sealing solutions for the potable water industry.

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Focus on Seals and Gaskets


A contribution to an article in April's edition of Chemical Engineering Magazine.

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Sheila Kennedy says seal manufacturers are working to improve energy efficiency, leak protection, service


An article written by Sheila Kennedy from Plant Services Magazine highlights Garlock and contributions from Jim Drago and Patrick Rhodes.

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Pump Packing for Abrasive Materials


An article written by Dan Naugle for the February 2013 issue of Pumps and Systems Magazine regarding pump packing in abrasive environments.

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Buckle Vision


An article written by Matt Tones and Chad Yoder on Radial Buckling

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CMO to CIO Technical Article


Janet Jessen's article "CMO to CIO: I want to friend you" is featured in Sales & Marketing Management's November/December issue.

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Global Trends in Enhanced Leak Detection and Repair


An article written by Jim Drago for Flow Control's November issue entitled, "Global Trends in Enhanced Leak Detection and Repair".

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Troubleshooting your piping integrity takes a joint effort


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Product Design and Development Article, Sept 2012 - What's that Noise?


What's that Noise? Written by Patrick Rhodes for Product Design and Develpment for their September Issue.

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New Envirionmental Material Derived from Fly Ash and HDPE


An abstract regarding research Imrana Kabir from Garlock Australia has contributed to in making an environmentally friendly composite material.

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Why Some Flange Isolation Kits Fail


An article written for the Pipeline & Gas Journal's March issue by Jay Keldsen.

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