Parker Hydraulic Filtration

Wainbee offers complete range of Parker Filtration Division products including hydraulic and lube filters, off-line and portable filtration systems, fluid analysis, fluid condition monitoring equipment and replacement elements.

Parker MHC Bearing Checker

Small, hand-held instrument gives you instant indication of machinery condition

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DuraClean Hydraulic Fluid - ultra premium hydraulic oil provided exclusively by Parker. The fluid has a unique additive chemistry designed to maximize oil life while providing optimum anti-wear protection for the components of today's advanced hydraulic systems.

Fluid Condition Monitoring Products


DIGI Field Kit

Low Range DIGI Water Kit

Heated Viscometer

MHC Bearing Checker

Kittiwake Products Catalog

ICount Oil Sampler

ICount Particle Detector

IQ200 Particle Counter

Par-Test Fluid Analysis

High Pressure Filters

In-line Filters - 12S Series (20,000 PSI)

In-line Filters - 18P/28P/38P Series (6,000 PSI)

In-line/Duplex Filters - 15P/30P Series (3,000 PSI)

In-line/Manifold Filters - WPF Series (7,000 PSI)

In-line/Reverse Flow Filters - 50P/50PR Series (5,000 PSI)

Manifold/Sandwich Plate Filters - Servosaver Series (4,000 PSI)

100P Series (6,000 PSI)

Medium Pressure Filters

Inline Filters - 15/40/80CN Coreless Series (1000 PSI)

nline/Duplex - IL8 Series (500 PSI)

Duplex Filter - MPD Series (1200 PSI)

SPIN-ON Filters - Coreless 12CS/50CS Series

Low Pressure Filters

Suction/Return/Duplex Filters - MODUFLOW PLUS Series (200 PSI)

Tank Top Return Line Filters - KLT/KLS Series (150 PSI)

Tank Top Filters - PT Series (150 PSI)

Tank Toop Filters - RF7 Series (150 PSI)

Spin-On Filters - 12AS/50AS Series (500 PSI)

Spin-On Filters - 12AT/50AT Series (150 PSI)

BGT Series

INAGB Series

Tank Topper Series

ATZ Series

Off-line / Portable

Filter Cart 5MFP/10MFP Series

Hydraulic Fluid Purification System - PVS Series

Oil Conditioning Units

Portable Filter/Transfer - Guardian Series

Stationary Offline System

Submicronic Removal - SMR2 and SMR 10 Series