Klozure® Oil Seals

Garlock® Mechanical Seals Provide Sealing Solutions

Various pieces of rotary or rotating equipment, pumps in particular, depend on mechanical seals to control leakage. Mechanical seals are used anywhere that liquid and gases are transferred by rotating equipment. Pumps are one of the most widely sold pieces of equipment in industry, second only to electric motors. Although some of the small, inexpensive pumps are disposable (i.e. automotive water pumps), most pumps require packing or mechanical seals to control leakage between the rotating elements and stationary housings.

Klozure® Mechanical seals are available in both lip and face seal designs in four primary styles and a wide range of sizes. Key products include P/S®-II lip seal, Syntron RP shaft seal, PK component seal, and GMP-I and GMP-II single and double cartridge seals. All provide sealing solutions for numerous applications in the chemical, pulp and paper, mining and power generation industries.

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Cartridge Seals

A Cartridge Seal is a completely self-contained assembly including primary and secondary seals, gland, and sleeve, usually needing no installation measurement. The result is a convenient unit that can be inserted in a properly sized recess in a pump or similar device.

Component Seals

Garlock KLOZURE® Component Seal including inside and outside mounted component seals.