CONQUEST ENGINEERING as one of the eminent and well organised and established PARKER distributors for Seals (EMG), Pneumatics (AUT) & Filtration (FLT) range of products in Vibrant state, Gujarat in West India. We are a team of skilled professional engineers who always feel pleasant to deal, happy to discuss requirements, offer technical advice, when requested, and most importantly take orders accurately and efficiently. During the short time span we have generated a good market reputation through quality & reliability of products and services offered by us.

We are an authorized distributor of Parker Hannifin INDIA for Seals, Pneumatics & Filtration products :

From the near absolute vacuum of space to the pressure of 30,000 psi oilfield applications, temperatures from the cold of cryogenic temperatures or the heat of a turbine jet engine, Parker seals include significant ranges of customer molded or machined shapes, diaphragms, directional valve seals, over molded & press in places seals.

  • ✔ Hydraulic & Pneumatic Seals (Rod-Piston Seals, Wipers/Scrappers, Guide Tapes).
  • ✔O-rings & Gaskets (NBR, Viton, Silicone, EPDM – FDA & USP IV compliance certifications, FFFKM Parofluor Ultra, TPE).
  • ✔Rotary Seals (Oil-seals V-Seals, Spring energized PTFE Seals, PTFE lip seals, Bearing Isolators).
  • ✔ PTFE Backup Rings, Q-rings, Bonded Seals.
  • Parker make Air-Filter-Regulator.
  • Solenoid Valves & Actuators (3/2 way, 5/2 way, 2/2 way, Diaphragm operated).
  • Pneumatic Cylinders (ISO, VDMA, Micro).
  • PU Tube & Fittings.
  • Air below.

We are also an Authorised Dealer/business associates of GARLOCK Sealing Technologies - USA (an EnPro Industries Company) for Gujarat region :

Garlock Sealing Technologies provides a range of sealing solutions to meet the stringent cleanliness, traceability and FDA requirements of the modern pharmaceutical plant.

  • Inflatable Seals (CEFIL'AIR®, BIO-GUARDIAN®) for Manhole, Sterilizer, Fluid Bed Dryers.
  • GYLON BIO-LINE® Non Asbestos Gaskets (approved by USFDA & USP Class IV) for Pipe Flanges & Heat Exchangers.
  • GYLON® Diaphragm seals for valves.
  • PS-SEAL® PTFE Lip seals for Dynamic / Vacuum sealing applications (SS 316 + FDA PTFE Lip material) like Colloid Mills, Blenders & Mixers, Agitators, Rotary Pumps.
  • STERILE-SEAL® Butterfly valves.
  • PTFE - Compression Packings (approved by USFDA & USP Class IV) for Valves & Pumps.
  • Garlock's EVSP - Emissionless Valve Stem Packing & Quickset - Emissions Complaint Valve Packing.
  • Garlock's Metallic Gaskets, Expansion Joints, Oil-seals & Hydraulic Components.

Each of our solutions offers a cost effective approach to meet the requirements for production and maintenance, we assure of our best attention and services at all times.